I need a Hiatus from Hiatus.

My rapid drop in Blog Proficiency has directly coinciding with the end of my Battlestar Galactica viewing.  It would seem that my brain cannot focus on focusing without having an active television series to watch.  No, I have never actually discussed my analysis of BSG with you, but I feel as though it was the last string keeping my brain from turning to mush.  It was hard enough starting this site smack dab in the middle of summer hiatus with close to no brain-fuel, but now Aneeta and I have officially run out of shows to watch at night and we still have another three weeks until shows start airing again, much less start to develop momentum.  I don’t really know what to do about that, so I guess you guys are on the screwed side of life for now.


This about sums it up.

One could say, “Well, if you were smart, you could use this time to finish the two screenplay drafts that you’re working on” to which I would say, “Narg.”  I don’t even feel inspired to write fictional stories rooted in no actual fact, and in theory, that’s a much easier task than finding mini-essay topics, right? 


A lot of good this post has down both of us.  I promised myself that this blog would never turn into a “Today I ate a Sandwich and sorta played checkers” blog, but I guess I’m a liar.

So, to console you and me alike, below I have posted network premiere dates.  Do enjoy.  They are mildly more interesting than what I have to say.  And if that doesn’t suit, go take the “Laura Roslin” Quiz.

A list of the Major Network premieres by Date (not network).  Networks include the four major ones; NBC, ABC, CBS, and FOX as well as the CW.

Also, FYI:

Dexter premieres September 28th.  And for those who care, The L Word airs January 4, 2009.

Also, there is no official word on the dates announced for Dollhouse and Battlestar Galactica.  Word says both will go to air in early 2009.


UPDATE: By Popular demand… or at least a query…

BMI: 22.61 which puts me just under 61 kg.

Weight to lose: 1.5 kg

Date to lose it by: Tomorrow.


4 Responses to “I need a Hiatus from Hiatus.”

  1. aneeta says:

    Captain Obvious says, The L Word is Gay.

    Dollhouse and BSG are the only things I care about. Except for like Pushing Daisies, Desperate Housewives, Gossip Girl, Greek and everything else that I religiously watch.

    PS Where is the Wii Fit update?

  2. Ben jammin says:

    Captain Obvious is an idiot. Gay starts with a G.

    Also I find that I am currently watching the least amount of tv I have in my entire life (while, ironically, writing a lot more about it) and I can say with my new found clarity that Pushing Daisies is the finest show currently on the tube, and possible the single only one worth watching. I don’t count the show where Billie Piper is a hooker because, although it is mandatory viewing, I don’t really need to watch it for more than ten minutes or so at a time.

  3. Carrie says:

    I will almost have to agree with you about Pushing Daisies, Petty Officer Obvious, but Battlestar is also right up there. Maybe I’ll find time to write about it some in the coming weeks.

  4. aneeta says:

    Pushing Daisies has a lot, but it lacks something, and I don’t want to say substance, cause that’s kind of harsh. It’s just a bit too.. bright. I enjoy the lighter side of death just as much as anyone, but sometimes I feel it trivialises deaths inherently macabre nature and the effect that it truly has on the world, and the world’s people. I believe they’re trying to reconcile this with the Chuck’s father thing, but honestly, Daddy issues are just boring.

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